The 304 Magazine web site, domain, Facebook Page & Twitter Account is available for sale for $1500US. If you wish to purchase this entity, you may Contact Me or checkout using the button below.

Freshly branded and launched West Virginia Magazine website and social networks (launched February 2015). 304Magazine.com was developed as an entity to educate the West Virginia community and provide news, current events, recipes and information about West Virginia culture. This site was developed and launched into our ‘Hyperlocal Network’.

Packaged in this network sale are:

How Do You Make Money with this Website?
  • Advertising revenue from advertisers through graphic/banner advertisements on the 304Magazine.com website
  • Advertising revenue from advertisers through social media posts on the various 304 Magazine social networks
  • Advertising revenue from advertisers through written advertorials published on the 304Magazine.com website
  • Advertising revenue from placing Affiliate Advertising banners on the 304Magazine.com website
  • Sell products on the 304Magazine.com website
What will you need to own this website?
  • Basic web knowledge (i.e. drafting emails, social media savvy)
  • GoDaddy.com Account
  • Industry knowledge. . . helpful but not necessary
  • 1 hour per day and the determination to work your own hours from home
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