An Open Letter to Gary Navickas

Ben Delanoy March 12, 2015 0
An Open Letter to Gary Navickas

I always find it comical when someone has an altered perception of reality. Not just in general, but usually their very own reality. We’ve all seen them… the guys and girls who are constantly taking selfies thinking they are way more attractive than they really are (my neighbor for instance), those who think that because they go to church that it erases all wrong-doing in their lives and those who hold menial jobs who think that that they truly business magnates. While the following person will never be accused of the foremost of those three, he definitely thinks he is something he is not in conjunction with the other two.

More importantly, why is it always the pathetic, insignificant people that cause the most issue in others lives….

Let me preface this letter with a little back-story to inform the readers. I have been tentatively been moving back and forth between Tampa and Winter Haven for the past several years, for one reason and one reason only… to be closer to my daughters who live in there. Although the majority of my business and clientele resides in Tampa, living in Winter Haven makes it easier for me to just have the piece of mind that I am logistically closer to my girls. As far as business goes it makes zero sense. Winter Haven, and Polk County in general is 20 years behind the curve, especially when it comes to advertising, technology and marketing. I certainly like a simple life, but when you’re trying to sell your expertise to Jed and his wife/sister on a daily basis, I would of had substantially more luck peddling goat udder balm.

Enter Gary Navickas…

I had met a cab driver, who eventually became a good friend of mine in one of my first jaunts over to Winter Haven. He gave me the grand tour and I came to find out that we had a lot in common; thus we became friends. It’s hard to find genuine people with a good heart, but he is definitely one of them. While everyone makes bad decisions in life, when you’ve been through as many trials and tribulations as I have, you can easily differentiate between those who are truly legit and those fake motherfuckers who have an agenda. He is for sure legit.

Somewhere along the line, I proposed to my friend that I help him out with their transportation business and marketing plan. It was quite apparent that the “man” he worked for had none. Those lines somehow transformed into a proposal to me to drive a taxi cab for them in Winter Haven. That was certainly not my intent, nor even close to my desire. In fact it was quite the opposite.

I began receiving calls from Gary Navickas, the owner of the cab company regarding mysterious meetings we were supposed to be having. In fact, I received three such calls from him. The last call I remember quite vividly as I was annoyed by his ongoing impromptu meet-up requests. I was amidst grocery shopping when Mr. Navickas called me again stating that he was waiting for me at Starbucks in Winter Haven to go over our contract to drive for him. Seems innocuous enough, however I had no meeting set with Mr. Navickas at all, and I certainly had no intention of driving a taxi cab for him… nor anyone else for that matter… ever. To those of you who don’t know me too well, I hate not having a plan. This includes meetings, appointments, agendas, etc… I especially hate it when the agenda is off-point as this one clearly was.

I immediately called my friend to find out what the deal was, and as he previously advised me, Mr. Navickas wasn’t all there (mentally), and on top it all, he was partially deaf. A pertinent fact, that I would uncover that was directly related as to why he was terminated from his position as a Polk County Bus Driver because he couldn’t hear the bell chime when his riders pulled the cable for their desired bus stops. That, and well, he ran out gas three times while transporting patrons… so um, yeah.

My first physical meeting with Gary Navickas came at Starbucks in Winter Haven about a month after that last call. Gary entered with a frumpled cap on and some serious nose and ear hair. A very unpleasant waft of mildew invaded my olfactory system as he joined me at the cafe table. First impressions are everything, and the best word I could use to describe Mr. Gary Navickas was “disheveled.” He is what one might envision a prototypical cab driver as being. A direct contrast to my cabbie buddy who always maintained a polished appearance despite his profession. All intentions were to develop a business plan for his company, however all that Mr. Navickas cared about was developing a “new revolutionary app” and asking if I wanted to drive for him once again. He told me that he needed someone to cover for him one weekend while he went out of town to a Jehovah Witness convention. Yes, you read that right a Jehovah Witness convention. I reluctantly agreed, hoping it would give me more insight to his company and their needs. I was also encouraged to do so by my cabbie friend because it would greatly help him out and I owe that man a debt of gratitude for helping me out when I really needed it.  I didn’t realize that I would end up driving a taxi cab for Gary for over a month due to his perpetual desire for Jehovah and the combined pain and fatigue he was experiencing.

This all transpired back in late summer of 2014. Some six months later, on Tuesday of this week, I receive a call from a collection agency out of Austin, Texas stating that I owed Mr. Gary Navickas $700 for, well I am not sure what for. A few heated words were exchanged between me and the douche-nozzles at Tucker Albin collections, followed by some heated emails between Mr. Navickas and myself.

So let’s get into this letter shall we…

Dear Mr. Navickas,

I must say that I am totally bewildered by your actions and words. Bewildered, not shocked however. Considering that all you talked about for the short time that I knew you was about your “ex-business partner” and how he “stole” your business. When in actuality, you were his employee and stole his business identity and continue to run a business with the exact same name, same business model in the same geographic market. Additionally, you created a strikingly similar brand identity by printing business cards with the same color profile as your nemesis and encouraging your drivers to steal, throw away and replace your competitor’s business cards with your own whenever they could.

So let’s delve into the facts shall we? You engaged my services to not only help you out with marketing and advertising services but to also “help you out” in your time of need by covering your shifts to drive one of your vehicles. Not only did you default on your marketing agreement with me, but you also owe me wages for covering you shifts during said time. Your accounting method of a “Staples Mini Notebook Pad” and an odometer is horribly antiquated. Not only is it an injustice to your employees, and your fares but ultimately your overall business. Essentially there is NO accounting because you cannot keep track of anything at all. Thus, your alleged “debt” that I owe is unfounded and ridiculous. It is a pure machination which you tabulated out of animosity. I absolutely look forward to litigation at this point.

Not only was I presented with a Staples Notebook Pad, but a mildew-ridden polo shirt (with your stolen brand identity embroidered on it) adorned with salty-sweat rings as well, and what I can only describe as an inoperable mini-van to transport your fares in. I immediately discarded the “game-used apparel” you provided me with and spent over two hours detailing the mini-van the following morning, as I cannot believe that you could actually expect me to pick anyone up in that vehicle. Not only were the headlights fogged up to the point where there was zero visibility at night, but it reeked of mildew (presumably from you), no air-conditioning for your client’s comfort, but it also came with it’s own mascot… a dried up lizard protruding from the AC Vent. Very professional! Adding insult to not only injury but also death, the vehicle would stall out every time it rained and did so 4 times I had one of your fares in the vehicle.

It’s quite obvious you care nothing about your customers much less your “employees”. But I digress… because I was not, nor would I ever dream of being one of your employees… I was helping out, covering your ass, remember?

In your recent email, you stated that you tried to help me out. Really? That’s quite interesting. It seems it’s the other way around. If you’re alluding to when I asked if you knew of anywhere that I might be able to procure a residence with cheap rent during my time of covering for you at night so that I would not have to make the trek back and forth to Tampa everyday to do so, you are once again deluded.

When you introduced me to one of your fellow Jehovah’s disciples who might allow me to rent a room, I was engaged by a man in only a dress shirt and his tightie-whities at the door. I should of left right then, but being a man of some courtesy I went into the dwelling to see what the deal was (guarding my butthole of course). No sooner did I enter the home, when a 40-something year old, dwarf-like humanoid emerged from one of the back rooms wearing only a tank top and diaper. That might be your cup of tea Mr. Navickas, but I got the fuck out of Dodge!

So let’s get down to the reality of things right now. We already established that I don’t owe you dime, but in fact it is you who owe me. We also established that you are in fact a Jehovah’s Witness so ALL of my reader’s know that you already a nutjob due to that affiliation alone. Now you are calling me out by saying that I am the “bottom of the barrel”. You are stating that because you finally took a break from and searched Google to uncover I was arrested seven years ago (ajudication withheld by the way) and also stating that due to the fact that your former “business partner” was arrested some fifteen years ago that we are both people who took advantage of you. Pretty ironic Gary. Your current driver and employee, and the only person saving your business right now was arrested and convicted several times as little as two years ago. Your wife, who also drives for you has mental disabilities by your own admittance. Your last driver, a physically disabled meth-head who stole your GPS system to feed his habit and just got out of rehab is back on your roster. So what’s your point? Is that your business model? It seems to me that it’s just your way of throwing people under the bus (that you got fired from driving) because we actually had the wherewithal to get as far away from your shitty business as we could. But it’s certainly OK if you’re a felon or mentally unstable or doing drugs as long as they continue working for you… Right? Separation anxiety much?

I am just curious, because your website which was down for over 3 months this past year (due to your inability to renew your domain name… accounting once again) states that your employees undergo vigorous background checks. That is an outright lie and would fall under false advertising as I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that you not only employ CONVICTED felons, but more importantly drivers who don’t even possess a driver’s license. I am sure the tourists and their children visiting Legoland would LOVE to entrust such a business. That is sarcasm by the way, so let me just make that clear because I know you are a fucking retard.

Let’s also get something straight right now. Not only does your current number one driver have more integrity and work ethic in his left nut than you have in your whole body despite the fact that he is a FELON (which of course you established you hate already), but so does the guy whose business identity you stole and are currently operating under. The only shady character skating under the law here is YOU! 

You also stated that I am currently homeless. Furthest thing from the truth. I am not one to boast about what I have like you “servant of Jehovah” so I’ll just leave it at that. But I will certainly knock a bitch down from his imaginary pedestal when he thinks he is better than anyone! As I stated in the response email to you, I would legitimately rather be homeless than to live how you do.. although you indicated to me that you are “creme of the crop” (French spelling), a truly sophisticated Polker. 

Let’s step back and look at this Gary, because third-party perspective is truly a motherfucker, especially to the delusional.

You are a 50+ year old Jehovah’s Witness, Polk County cab driver operating under someone else’s business identity. You might shower, what once, twice per week at the most. Washing clothes is obviously foreign to you. Cleanliness is obviously not next to Jehovahliness. You sit inside some of Winter Haven’s shittiest waterholes, coaxing fares to buy you drinks until they are ready to stumble out and drive them home…both of you drunk.  

Let’s not omit that fact that I witnessed your son rubbing some guy’s cock on the couch at Starbuck’s and your wife has legitimate mental issues so much to the effect that she can’t escape what you call home for days without leaving your business and clients to hang out to dry. And when she does leave the home to pick up fares she alleges that half of them are trying to make sexual advances towards her? Geez Gary, I know it’s Polk County and all but not everyone has a bovine fetish!

I have been to your home and I can attest that I had to stand outside due to the stench and the hoarder lifestyle. So your knock on the homeless would hold true for me if I had to live that way. At the very least, I would never carry around such an aroma nor would I ever deal with such insanity. 

I would estimate that seventy-five percent of the fares I picked up during my time covering for you, were not only thankful that it was me picking them up and not you, but they have all talked shit about you. For all the same reasons that you were fired from your position as a bus driver. Your current employees can’t wait to break from you, your past employees are suing you and the businesses in the area won’t work with you. And yet, I’m the bottom of the barrel and you’re the “creme of the crop”. Right! More like the cream that leaks out of son’s butthole behind the Kingdom Hall while you’re inside praising Jehovah.

So, you wanted to be a hard guy for once in your life and talk shit to the wrong person… here we are. How does it feel Gary? You like to troll Google and dig up records about people and throw it in their faces? You should have looked up your attorney’s online reputation before you sent them my way, because they are right on par with you… well at least you will be right on par with them very soon.

So what happens now? Well I figure that since getting it in the ass publicly runs in family I will continue the trend and bend you over not only in court but through very channel for all to see. You want to call people out? This is what you get… and there is plenty more to come. I strongly suggest that this time you hire a real attorney, not someone posing as one from the Kingdom Hall like you did last time. Better yet, conjure up Jehovah himself… you’re going to need him!



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