Beardsy Brand Identity

Ben Delanoy July 17, 2013 0
Beardsy Brand Identity

***Update: Beardsy has SOLD and is under new management!***

The Beardsy project came about due to the rising popularity of the beard culture. Much like most of our projects, we follow the latest trends in society and across social media. We did a search for available domain names and came across A short, easily brandable name which hasn’t disappointed. Since it’s launch in October 2014, Beardsy has grown substantially on social media over (7.500 Fans on Facebook) & has received over 650,000 Unique Visitors to in the month of December 2013 alone.

In December 2013, we launched the first run of Beardsy apparel which grossed over $3,300 in sales so far. Spring 2014, the Beardsy brand looks to develop it’s own line of beard grooming products including Beard Oils, Beard Wash & A Beard Comb.

Due to the success of the Beardsy brand, we branded and published “Stached”, a moustache connoisseur website in December 2013, with plans to develop a couple of more “beard-related” entities to help cross promote the Beardsy brand.

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