Black Mouth Curs

Ben Delanoy February 26, 2014 0
Black Mouth Curs

The development of the Black Mouth Curs brand was rather impetuous, will prove as yet another successful endeavor nonetheless.

For my birthday this year, my girlfriend (at the time) decided to surprise me with a dog that she rescued through a family member. Now, I love dogs (and by dogs I mean “real” dogs. not little shit fur-ball dogs), however at the time I did not want nor was it even a thought. Nevertheless, I did what any person would do and accepted the pup with open arms… besides it was a rescue dog. I named him ‘Odin’ after the Norse and Germanic God of War. Odin is a Black Mouth Cur, which I had never heard of so I did some research only to find that the breed has a long-standing tradition of being loyal, hunting dogs. Quite a perfect fit as my last two dogs were Weimaraners.

As I often do while I am researching anything online, I navigated to and performed a domain name search for To my surprise it was available. Once again it only made sense to register this domain name and develop it as an online resource for anyone looking to research the breed.

The logo design for Black Mouth Curs was a little more difficult to render than normal. I am typically not in accordance with most of the ‘animal logos’ I see floating around, so I chose to go with the Black Mouth Cur silhouette and sampled the ‘black & tan’ colors from the breed’s coat to apply to the Impact Font which stacked up nicely next to the logo.

For more information on Black Mouth Curs, please visit the Black Mouth Curs website and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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