Chakra Magazine

Ben Delanoy April 26, 2014 0
Chakra Magazine

***Update: Chakra Magazine has SOLD and is under new management!***

From every ONE brand, I believe that you can launch THREE related brands. You may either use them as stand-alone entities, or you can develop them into a network. I chose the latter.

Chakra Magazine is the second entity in our ‘Holistic Health’ Network, which already includes AUM Magazine, and is to eventually include Rasa Magazine.  Chakras, and the balances of the chakras, are fundamental in meditation, spirituality, Buddhism and in everyday life. All of the aforementioned we broadcast daily through AUM Magazine; so developing a Chakra Information Center as a companion to AUM was quite evident.

The logo design for Chakra Magazine had not only to incorporate the chakra colors, but to invoke the aura through which they project. For the logo font I used the traditional Sanskrit (which I modified a bit) in a bold black to stand out amongst the array of colors.

You can visit Chakra Magazine online at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

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