Off The Grid Magazine

Ben Delanoy December 28, 2014 0
Off The Grid Magazine

Today we announce the launch of a media entity with no logistics!

Surprising huh?

Not really. Through our research we have a discovered yet another blossoming market, in those who wish to live “off the grid”. Sustainable living and culture is catching on like wildfire as those who wish to escape the rat-race and leave all of their material possessions behind.

Off The Grid Magazine will showcase a different lifestyle and “green living” that everyone should consider to help make a contribution to our planet’s longevity.

The logo design for Off The Grid had to of course emulate nature and a drive to be one with it. I chose the mountain range in an olive drab with the sunset in a vibrant yellow to not only purport contrast, but also the contrast to which living “off the grid” is looked upon in today’s society.

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