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Ben Delanoy August 3, 2011 0

Interview with Puddle of Mudd (for Premier Players Magazine) – August 2010

Enduring the 100+ degree heat and crazy fans camped out in Orlando for the Shinedown’s Carnival of Madness Tour, I had the opportunity to sit down (because at this point we counldn’t stand) with Geffen recording artist Puddle of Mudd. After being kidnapped by Puddle of Mudd via Paintball gun, Southern Comfort, and lager….here is how the encounter went down:

BD: Where did you guys meet?

Paul Phillips (guitar): We all officially met kinda in LosAngeles, he (Wes Scantlin) was out there with Fred (Durst) and I’ve known Fred from up the road inJacksonville; and he said we’ve got this band that needed a guitar player. Later on we met Ryan (drummer) inLos Angeles, and we didn’t hump (ever), and …so yea. There you go.

Just all the stars aligned and uh,  caused a meeting of the minds, and music was created in a cauldron of love.

BD: So what’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you guys?

Paul Phillips: Pretty much every interview I do with Wes.

Wes Scantlin (vocals/guitar): I don’t know why you’re here.

BD: When you first went on tour, what city did you most want to visit?

Wes Scantlin: Amsterdam

BD: What’s your favorite album that you guys put out?

Paul Phillips: That’s tough because I like bits of all of them, that’s tough, that’s a hard one. I guess obviously, sales-wise ‘Come Clean’ , but artistically I always liked ‘Life On Display’.

Wes Scantlin: (sarcastically) Actually, the next album is the best one…the one we’re working on right now.

BD: Spaceship, was that the first choice for the single or did you have another?

Paul Phillips: We all liked it. It was kinda split between Spaceship and Stoned…we have a lot of cooks in the kitchen besides the band so it was a decision.

BD: What sports teams do you guys follow?

Paul Phillips: Not a big sports fan, but obviously if the Jaguars are playing I hope they would win. I’ll watch it…but I would ask people afterward if they won or not. Can we go Orlando Magic? We follow the Magic.

BD: If you could be any athlete, who would it be?

Wes Scantlin: I’m gonna go Spud Webb, dude. I’m like 5 feet tall and I can still slam dunk. Hell Yea.

Paul Phillips: I feel like this is a trick question….I would go with Manute Bol, I would be the tallest player and Wes the shortest player and we could be best friends.

Ryan Yerdon (drummer): I would be Dennis Rodman so I could just party. I choose wisely…you guys think about the actual sport, I think about the extracurricular activities like Carmen Electra.

BD: So what’s next for Puddle?

Wes Scantlin: We ‘re gonna write another record and we’re gonna take care of our families. We’re gonna love on our women, gonna eat some awesome food, and uh…we’re not getting drunk btw. Yea, that’s awesome.

BD: What question do you hate most that interviewers ask?

Wes Scantlin: (intimidated j/k) Nothing really, we got used to everything so we really don’t care anymore. Everyone always asks us, “What’s going on, what’s on the horizon and shit?”

BD: What’s some of the craziest stuff you guys have put on your riders for a show?

Wes Scantlin: I got (2) CO2 tanks right now with paint balls, and that’s the craziest shit that I can come up with. I got my son out here with me right now, so we’re ordering all sorts of weird shit. We’ve got our Chihuahua out here with us….this is Francis (proudly displays dog), he hangs…he’s pretty cool.

BD: If you guys had one band that you followed the most first starting out, who would it be?

Wes Scantlin: I would have to go with Pantera, Metallica, and Nirvana.

Ryan Yerdon: (Chimes in) Lionel Richie, Dire Straits, Steve Winwood, Wham…remember that name….Steve Winwood. Huge influence. (laughter)

I would like to Thank Puddle of Mudd and Julie Lichtenstein of SKH Music for working with us.  Please visit Puddle of Mudd at www.puddleofmudd.com .


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