Sold! 310 Magazine & Draught Picks

Ben Delanoy March 13, 2015 0
Sold! 310 Magazine & Draught Picks

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized the first sale of one of our hyper-local market magazines for Los Angeles, California… 310 Magazine. This will be the first of many of such franchises that we allocate to this investor, as we have already received the deposits for our West Palm Beach, Florida and Austin, Texas based magazines. We have also been contracted to develop new markets in Chicago, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to our recent local market sale, we have also finalized the sale of Draught Picks. Our beer industry and brewing magazine. We will definitely endeavor to create more such magazines, in the food & beverage industry as in goes hand-in-hand with our business demographic.

These recent sales will allow us launch some new brands that have been on the back-burner for a bit. So keep an eye out for the announcements by following me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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