Sushi Monger Brand Identity

Ben Delanoy October 1, 2014 0
Sushi Monger Brand Identity

Originally developed in 2013 as a Sushi Restaurant Directory which saw little movement, I decided to resurrect and repurpose Sushi Monger as online media entity like the others which have seen much success in our ever-expanding network. Sushi Monger’s re-development will bolster our ‘Gastro Network’ as we continue to grow TwinStar Media.

We look to add as many ethnic and popular food entities into our network and Sushi Monger will fill a certain niche within this network.

The logo design for Sushi Monger was pretty straight-forward and basic. The icon mimics and seaweed sushi wrap and the color scheme was sampled to reflect two “sushi staples” in both salmon and avocado pigments.

The social media graphics reflect the logo with vibrant high resolution food photography and contrasting colors to appeal to the senses.

You may visit Sushi Monger online at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

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