A few testimonials from clients:

Ben and Eightonethree was a no brainer when it came to looking for an established marketing agency to help get WF5K off the ground. Ben truly goes the extra mile with not only creating an astonishing website but helping get the different social media platforms involved as well. And he just happened to have the best quote around for the services received. If hearing this testimonial doesn’t have you asking for his help, please take a look at his portfolio and see who else he’s designed and marketed for!

Store Manager Feet First
Race Director of WF5K


I’ve worked with Ben Delanoy for about two years and found him to be helpful, dependable and extremely creative. He’s been the driving force behind the success of Zombie Magazine which is really starting to take off. Ben REALLY knows the business. I’ve been working with Ben for about two years and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Dennis Macklin
Las Vegas