TwinStar Media Announces the Sale of Orlando and Fort Myers Magazines

Ben Delanoy July 27, 2016 0
TwinStar Media Announces the Sale of Orlando and Fort Myers Magazines

TwinStar Media, a Florida-based company, announced today that they have sold two Florida market magazines to private parties:, the Orlando magazine which TwinStar has operated since 2015 and their entity which has been operational since 2015 as well.

“Both magazines are in great hands now with very creative, local market owners, which is exactly where they should be, and exactly why I created this model so that budding entrepreneurs could take a great idea and run with it with the local emphasis that it deserves,“ said TwinStar CEO Ben Delanoy.

While the sale of these two markets directly impacts TwinStar’s local network advertising base, the company has reinvested in two flourishing markets abroad in Houston and Pittsburgh.

“We have great success in Texas already having developed and sold magazines in both the Austin and Dallas markets, we see no reason that Houston should be any different. As for Pittsburgh, that is a market that has really been growing for us as of late. People are really receptive to our presence there and we look to develop the relationships that we are establishing,” said Delanoy.

Mr. Delanoy also says that company is working on some new projects will be launched and announced in the next couple of days. TwinStar Media currently owns and operates 32 active magazines in the United States and abroad.

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