TwinStar Media Closes Mega-Deal Moving 20 Media Assets

Ben Delanoy March 31, 2016 0
TwinStar Media Closes Mega-Deal Moving 20 Media Assets

TwinStar Media, a Tampa-based multi-media company, announced today that they have just closed a deal with, Inc. which included the sale of twenty special interest and local magazines. Among the more popular media entities which changed ownership today, they included the sale of Better Health Magazine, Food Trends Magazine, Grilled Magazine, Vape Life Magazine and local publications which covered the markets in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit and San Jose to name a few.

“We have franchised several local markets before and sold several other special interest magazines throughout the 2015 calendar year,” said TwinStar CEO Ben Delanoy, “but never a sale of this magnitude. It was my hope that the model we created would be recognized not only nationally, but globally; and obviously this deal proves that it has done just that.”

Although the sale of these publications has cut into TwinStar’s market share, Delanoy wants his clients, partners and staff that TSM isn’t going anywhere.

“We have retained our six most profitable entities in the Central & South Florida markets, as well as the recently launched entities in Las Vegas and San Francisco. The sale allows us to focus on and bolster our content in these magazines and others which are really starting to gain some momentum like Legit Magazine. For me personally, it allows me to get back into creative writing for content and to get back out into the local community to cover some pressing stories I have put on the back burner.”

Keep an eye out for TwinStar to launch  a few more projects in the near future as Delanoy hinted that he had some projects pending…

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